Session 2

Riverboat Rescue

The party had no more finished their graduation ceremony when a lone rider galloped into town, bloody and panicked.

An emissary from Salt Ridge had been expected to discuss her people’s entry into the alliance. On the road, her entourage was attacked and she was taken captive by a band of goblins who fled into the swamp.

The party was immediately ordered to pursue the goblins and rescue the emissary. Warily, the party tracked the goblins through the swamp, hoping to avoid the local lizardfolk. However they did stumble upon a couple of lizardfolk hunters and were forced to fight.

The party scraped through the swamp to find the goblins had made it to the river and were hiding out in an old river barge. Launching a surprise assault, they defeated the goblins and rescued the emissary, a shifter named Autumn



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