Session 3

Pirates & Zombies

The party was assigned a special mission by Marshal Gerard. Militia scouts had witnessed a vessel, captained by a mysterious woman, anchor in the vicinity of the goblin ship and then continue upriver. Suspecting a connection to the kidnapping of the emissary, Autumn, Gerard ordered the party to travel upriver to the port at Three Forks and investigate.

In Three Forks, they found the ship and it’s captain, a notorious warlock named Nikko. After defeating her and her crew, they discovered a fellow militia soldier being held captive in the brig – the one who had reported the kidnapping of Autumn and who was currently on watch in Wayfare! Interrogating Captain Nikko, she revealed that there were two imposters, one masquerading as the captured solider and the other as Autumn herself. The pirates had turned the real Autumn over to a local aristocrat named Jerron.

In exchange for clemency, Nikko lead them to Jerron’s secret lair – an abandoned house in the bad part of the city. There, they discovered some sort of death cult, defeating the cultists and their leader Jerron – revealed to be a necromancer. They resuced Autumn only to find her is a coma from which they could not wake her.



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