Session 4


Emerging from the lair of the necormancer, Jerron, the party encountered soldiers of the local watch, accompanying by an elderly gentlemen revealed to be Jerron’s father, a man of great influence in the city. Apologizing for his wayward son, he allowed the party to leave.

Returning to the docs, the party was informed that a warrant for their arrest had been issued in Wayfare. Marshal Gerard had been poisoned and was in a coma from which he could not be revived – the same condition afflicting Autumn. The party’s teacher, Balasar was accused of the crime and all his students were deemed suspect.

The party returned to Nikko’s ship to regroup only to discover the soldier they had rescued (and the only living, non-comatose person who could corroborate their innocence) dead in the hands of the dragonborn executioner, Holo Ironscale. Holo revealed she’d been dispatched by Balasar to kill a traitor to the alliance. Realizing they’d all be set up, Holo joined the party and they set out to find an antidote to cure both Autumn and Gerard.

After consulting a local alchemist, the party was given a list of ingredients needed for an antidoe. They left Autumn in the care of the local temple of Pelor and set out into the wilderness across the river to gather the ingredients. Nikko ferried the party up river and dropped them at the shoreline cabin of the mad hermit, Zander. Zander warned them to be careful, as a band of hostile elves currently roamed the forest.

The group was able to quickly find all but one ingredient – the venom of a rare species of centipede. Moving farther into the forest, they were ambushed by the aforementioned elves, but were able to defeat them quickly, subduing and capturing half of them, but being forced slay the rest in battle.



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