Aarakas Dekainian

Tiefling Merchant and Wizard


Aarakas is a tall, male tiefling with pale skin and deep blue hair. He bears himself with an air of sophistication, speaks eloquently, and is eternally polite and ingratiating. He dresses in fine clothing, favoring hues of blue and purple, and is always impeccably groomed. He carries a wooden walking stick, carved with intricate designs.


Aarakas is a son of House Dekanian, a wealthy tiefling merchant house. The family’s main base of operation is in the city of Three Forks farther up the Gray River. Aarakas has been charged by his uncle, the head of the house, with oversight of the family’s operations in Wayfare. House Dekanian specializes in the procurement and sale of relics, obscure items, and oddities, including magic items. An accomplished wizard, Aarakas can also create magic items for a fee.

Aarakas Dekainian

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