Balasar Ironscale

Dragonborn Weapon-Master


Balasar is lean, male dragonborn with deep gray scales with rust-colored flecks. In the training arena, he typically wears plain linen clothes and keeps his long knife sheathed at his side. When fully equipped for battle, he wears scale armor, and prefers to fight with a scimitar in one hand and his long knife in the other. Lime most members of his clan, his breath weapon is lightning.


Balasar is one of the most revered veterans of the Ironscale Clan and is one of the few among them to hold the title of Weapon-Master. As such, his duty is to train young dragonborn (and now militia recruits of other races) in the arena. He demands much of his students, but also frequently gives praise and encouragement when it is deserved. He particularly stresses the importance of knowing one’s allies and how to best work off of each other’s strengths, and of studying one’s adversary to look for exploitable weaknesses.

A veteran of many battles, Balasar has a deep devotion to Bahamut, believing that many times it was only the protection of the dragon god that allowed him to survive to fight another day. He also has a longtime interest in stargazing and uses the constellations as mapped by the ancient Arkhosian astronomers as a guide to remembering the great battles of history and legend.

Balasar typically only speaks of his own battlefield exploits to explain the technical aspects of particular maneuvers or strategies to his students, and never seeks to aggrandize himself. However, if his fellow Ironscales are within earshot, they will not allow the moment to pass without filling in the details and giving him his due.

A particular favorite story among the clan recounts a battle in which Balasar, weapon-locked with an ogre, seized a rare opening and bit off the monster’s ear. Balasar supposedly keeps the ear in a locked box somewhere in his tent.

Balasar Ironscale

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