Ironscale Long Knife

These heavy-bladed knives are a favored side arm of the Ironscale Clan of Dragonborn

weapon (melee)

Weapon Type: Superior One-Hand Melee
Proficiency: +3
Damage: 1d6
Range: 5/10
Properties: Heavy Thrown; Off-Hand
Group: Heavy Blade; Light Blade


The Ironscale Long Knife is a large, heavy, single-edged blade designed for versatile use. It’s heft makes it good for parrying and also allows for more damage from a solid thrust.

Each member of the Ironscale Clan is given a long knife upon their passage into adulthood and charged with always keeping it on their person so that they will be ready to defend themselves, their allies, or the honor of the clan at any time.

The Ironscales have a long and proud tradition of military excellence, dating back to the days of Arkhosia. The long knife is regarded as a symbol of that heritage and a tie to the past glories of the clan. On occasion, a dagger may be gifted to an ally of the clan or by an Ironscale weapon master to non-dragonborn students that have proven themselves worthy.

Ironscale Long Knife

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