Session 6
Ambush... Ambush... Ambush...

The party returned to the wilden camp and reported their success at defeating the reptilian guardians who protected the Grove of Despair. The wilden presented the party with the antidote they needed to save Gerard and Autumn and their gratitude. With that the party departed for the river to join the foundling elves and Captain Nikko.

Along the way they were ambushed by a troop of human raiders. Barely had they begun to win the battle when another band of raiders joined the fray against them. When at last they had defeated all the raiders, the party started out again, only to be waylaid again. Clearly someone does not want them to reach the river alive!

Session 5
Wandering Elves

While interrogating the elves encountered last session, the party discovered the elves to be under the effects of a strange piece of quartz. The party mages determined that the quartz emitted a psychic energy that made those close by paranoid and erratic.

The elves reported that in fleeing the Hickorywood, they were beset by drow warriors. Given their state of mind, the accuracy of this account was dubious at best. Local history also informed the party that the elves may have passed through a region known as the “Grove of Despair” that the local gnomes claimed to be haunted by nightmares and bad memories.

Having removed the quartz from their possession, the elves’ minds began to clear. Knowing the quartz’s effects also seemed to render the party immune to its influence. Still needing a final ingredient for the antidote, the party set out again, promising to rejoin the elves and escort them to Wayfare.

Deeper into the forest, the party found itself surrounded by strange beings called wilden – bipedal fey creatures that seemed to be more plant than animal. The Wilden reported encountering the elves and being attacked before they were able to offer aid. The wilden were aware of the Grove of Despair and told the party it was a site where long ago a meteorite from the Far Realm crashed to earth. Quartz fragments of the meteorite littered the area, giving the grove its mind-clouding effects. The wilden’s mission was to cleanse the area, but they had been unable to defeat the Grove’s “guardians.” The wilden offered a boon – their elder knew how to finish the antidote the party needed and would do so if they party agreed to slay the guardians of the Grove, described as large reptiles.

The party set out for the Grove of Despair and there encountered a host of what seemed to be ordinary lizards, made larger (roughly the size of a large dog) and more aggressive by the aberrant effects of the Far Realm. While they set about slaying the lizards in the grove, a larger one (the size of a horse) emerged from it’s layer, attacking the party with both physical and psychic attacks. After a savage battle, the party slew all of the guardians and destroyed the remaining eggs in “mother’s” lair.

Session 4

Emerging from the lair of the necormancer, Jerron, the party encountered soldiers of the local watch, accompanying by an elderly gentlemen revealed to be Jerron’s father, a man of great influence in the city. Apologizing for his wayward son, he allowed the party to leave.

Returning to the docs, the party was informed that a warrant for their arrest had been issued in Wayfare. Marshal Gerard had been poisoned and was in a coma from which he could not be revived – the same condition afflicting Autumn. The party’s teacher, Balasar was accused of the crime and all his students were deemed suspect.

The party returned to Nikko’s ship to regroup only to discover the soldier they had rescued (and the only living, non-comatose person who could corroborate their innocence) dead in the hands of the dragonborn executioner, Holo Ironscale. Holo revealed she’d been dispatched by Balasar to kill a traitor to the alliance. Realizing they’d all be set up, Holo joined the party and they set out to find an antidote to cure both Autumn and Gerard.

After consulting a local alchemist, the party was given a list of ingredients needed for an antidoe. They left Autumn in the care of the local temple of Pelor and set out into the wilderness across the river to gather the ingredients. Nikko ferried the party up river and dropped them at the shoreline cabin of the mad hermit, Zander. Zander warned them to be careful, as a band of hostile elves currently roamed the forest.

The group was able to quickly find all but one ingredient – the venom of a rare species of centipede. Moving farther into the forest, they were ambushed by the aforementioned elves, but were able to defeat them quickly, subduing and capturing half of them, but being forced slay the rest in battle.

Session 3
Pirates & Zombies

The party was assigned a special mission by Marshal Gerard. Militia scouts had witnessed a vessel, captained by a mysterious woman, anchor in the vicinity of the goblin ship and then continue upriver. Suspecting a connection to the kidnapping of the emissary, Autumn, Gerard ordered the party to travel upriver to the port at Three Forks and investigate.

In Three Forks, they found the ship and it’s captain, a notorious warlock named Nikko. After defeating her and her crew, they discovered a fellow militia soldier being held captive in the brig – the one who had reported the kidnapping of Autumn and who was currently on watch in Wayfare! Interrogating Captain Nikko, she revealed that there were two imposters, one masquerading as the captured solider and the other as Autumn herself. The pirates had turned the real Autumn over to a local aristocrat named Jerron.

In exchange for clemency, Nikko lead them to Jerron’s secret lair – an abandoned house in the bad part of the city. There, they discovered some sort of death cult, defeating the cultists and their leader Jerron – revealed to be a necromancer. They resuced Autumn only to find her is a coma from which they could not wake her.

Session 2
Riverboat Rescue

The party had no more finished their graduation ceremony when a lone rider galloped into town, bloody and panicked.

An emissary from Salt Ridge had been expected to discuss her people’s entry into the alliance. On the road, her entourage was attacked and she was taken captive by a band of goblins who fled into the swamp.

The party was immediately ordered to pursue the goblins and rescue the emissary. Warily, the party tracked the goblins through the swamp, hoping to avoid the local lizardfolk. However they did stumble upon a couple of lizardfolk hunters and were forced to fight.

The party scraped through the swamp to find the goblins had made it to the river and were hiding out in an old river barge. Launching a surprise assault, they defeated the goblins and rescued the emissary, a shifter named Autumn

Session 1
Graduation Day

The party completed it’s final drill under the Ironscale weapon-masters, facing off in the training area against nine dragonborn warriors. At the center of the octagonal area, a platform stood in a mud pit, and upon the platform was a flagpole with a raised banner. The party had to capture the banner and return it to their side of the arena.

The party was successful, and were graduated from the Ironscale academy and assigned to militia duty. Each member received anIronscale Long Knife from their dragonborn weapon-master, Balasar, and a Wayfarer’s Tabard from the town militia commander, Marshal Gerard.


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