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Character Creation

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The campaign will be using the character building rules
contained in the D&D Essentials line (Heroes of the Fallen
and Heroes of the Forgotten Kingdoms), along with a
couple of races from the Player’s Handbook 2. From time
to time, I will allow Dragon Magazine content that fits with the campaign.

If you use the Character Builder from D&D Insider, please
check here to ensure that you have chosen class builds, races,
and feats allowed in the campaign.

Ability Scores
Class Builds

Player-characters serve as characters in the local militia, preparing to repel an invading force that has moved into the area. You can read more about the setting using the links below.

Points of Light – The Campaign World


The Town of Wayfare
The Hickorywood
Wood Elf Camp
Salt Ridge
Halite Hold
Shrine of the New Moon


The Ironscale Clan


The Black Army

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