Points of Light - The Campaign World

“Points of Light” is a fan-created term for the default setting in 4th Edition D&D. It refers to the premise that there are no large kingdoms or empires. The world is unsettled, dangerous, and full of monsters and that settled areas represent “points of light” in a sea of darkness.

Some of the aspects of the world that would be common knowledge for adventurers are these:

One hundred years ago, the wold-spanning Empire of Nerath fell. Nerath had stood for nearly 1,000 years. Although ruled by humans, the other races had enjoyed prosperity and equality under Nerath.

Nerath rose after the fall of two previous warring empires: Arkhosia and Bael Turath. Arkhosia was an empire ruled by dragons, and the dragonborn made up its citizenry. Bael Turath was a human kingdom, but in an effort to secure eternal power, its nobles made a pact with the Dukes of Hell and were transformed into the first tieflings. The two empires destroyed one another in what has come to be known as the War or Ruin.

The World is the center of the cosmos. The gods live in the Astral Sea above the stars; below the world is swirling Chaos, the abode of the primordials. Both the gods and the primordials had a hand in shaping the world, but in the end, warred with one another over dominion. Ultimately, neither side won. This time is known as the Dawn War.

The World is also permeated by a number of primal spirits, such as the World Serpent and the Stormhawk.

The World was once more timeless and magical, but it was fractured into three pars when the realms called the Feywild and the Shadowfell splintered off. The Feywild is the native realm of fey creatures and filled with arcane magic. The Shadowfell is the realm of spirits and old memories and filled with shadow magic.

Points of Light - The Campaign World

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