Salt Ridge

The Clearwater River flows south out of the hills of the Hickorywood towards the Gray River. It winds along the base of foothills forming a valley to the west (wherein lay the town of Wayfare and the Wood Elf Camp). The foothills end a half-league north of the Gray. The last of these is known as Salt Ridge for the salt mines located near its apex.

The people of Salt Ridge are mostly human, descended from the same ancestors as many of those in Wayfare. Whereas the Wayfarers came to adopt Netheri culture and formed a blended community with other humans brought in since the Empire, the residents of Salt Ridge have maintained their traditional identity and culture. The humans of Salt Ridge are only loosely organized and greatly value independence and self-sufficiency. Peace is maintained and disputes resolved by ages old customs of clan and kinship ties.

Humans are not the only residents of Salt Ridge. Members of other races who prefer to live closer to the land or free of the restrictions of town life can also be found. The humans of Salt Ridge have a long history of friendly relations with the elves of Hickorywood, and half-elves are common (indeed, most humans on the ridge have some degree of elvish ancestry). A handful of half-orcs also live in the area, a legacy of an orcish invasion some 50 years ago.

Predicting the religious or spiritual beliefs of any one resident of the area would be very difficult, as they are a diverse lot. However, reverence for the primal spirits of the world is quite common. Beyond that, deities representing aspects of the natural world may be the most prevalent – e.g., Kord, Melora, Pelor, Corellon, Sehanine.

Despite the lack of any formal government, the residents of Salt Ridge do tend to view themselves as a community of sorts where the unwritten cardinal law seems to be “live and let live.” Nor has there ever been any trouble between Salt Ridge and the Town of Wayfare. In fact, each generation sees at least a few townsfolk move to Salt Ridge and vice-versa.

Salt Ridge

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