Shrine of the New Moon

The Shrine of the New Moon rests on several hilltop acres in the Hickorywood. It overlooks the deep, blue lake that the elves call Dragon Tear Lake, from which the Clearwater River flows. The Shrine is dedicated to Sehanine and serves as a haven for refugees from the “uncivil” races – especially drow and half-orcs – who have turned their back on their violent or malevolent kin.

The Shrine contains a great hall which doubles as a temple to Sehanine, a hostel, and a working farm that raises sheep and goats. Although there are a few permanent residents, most stay only a time, allowing the Keeper of the Shrine to orient them to life among the more “civil” races.

Renegade drow are the primary mission of the Shrine. As a result, the surrounding area sees far more drow than would be expected, and – surprisingly to outsiders – drow that haven’t come to slaughter, torture, raid, or enslave the locals. Although still treated with caution, drow in the area can therefore expect a high degree of tolerance.

Currently, the Black Army’s occupation of the Hickorywood prevents any communication with the Shrine. The Keeper and other residents have not fled to the Wood Elf Camp, Salt Ridge, or Wayfare. Their fate is unknown. The nature of the Shrine has led to some rumblings of a conspiracy – perhaps the priests have spent so much time with drow they’ve been tainted and are in league with the invaders. This opinion is held by few and is vehemently rejected by the elves.

Shrine of the New Moon

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