The Hickorywood

The Hickorywood begins at the northern edge of the valley and its eastern boundary is defined by the Clearwater River and eastern rim of Dragon Tear Lake. These forested hills have long been home to the Hickorywood Tribe. Whether the forest was named for the wood elves or the elves for the forest is not known, and the elves themselves regard the question as rather silly and meaningless. To their way of thinking they and the forest are a part of one another. Although named for the hickory tree, the forest is also abundant in oak, cedar, pine, pecan, and locust trees.

The Hickorywood is also home to other fey creatures, particularly gnomes. Members of other non-fey races may take up temporary residence at the Shrine of the New Moon, but for the most part the elves and other fey do not permit outsiders to live in the area (although travelers may generally pass through unhindered).

Dragon Tear Lake is perhaps the most prominent feature of the area. At the southern rim of the lake, Clearwater Falls cascade down granite bluffs to form the river. The lake is deep and the surface is almost always blue. There are many coves as well as several hilltop islands. An elven legend tells that the lake was once merely a large pass through the hills, until a grieving dragon made its lair there and its tears eventually flooded the valley.

The Hickorywood is now the domain of the Black Army and the elves and gnomes have been driven from the area. The fate of other fey creatures is unknown. However, fey are good at hiding themselves if nothing else.

The Hickorywood

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