The Ironscale Clan

The Ironscale Clan of dragonborn has a long and proud tradition of military excellence, dating back to the days of the Dragon Empire of Arkhosia. Clan tradition tells that in the days of Arkhosia, the Ironscales were the elite military of a powerful iron dragon lord and one of the more powerful forces of the time. Due to these ancient ties to iron dragons, most Ironscales breath lightning.

Since the ruin of the Dragon Empire, the Ironscales have survived as an army for hire. However they are more than just amoral mercenaries. Honor and integrity are among the highest virtues the Ironscales strive for. Honor in battle brings honor to the clan.

With the looming threat of the Black Army in the area, the residents have retained the services of the Ironscale Clan and takes them with two duties: (1) protect the town in the event of an assault; and (2) train up an effective local milita.

Aside from relocating to Wayfare, one of the most evident effects this new mission has on the clan are the co-training of their young alongside members of other races. Rather than set up two separate training programs, the clan weapon-masters have simply incorporated its training of militia into the process it used to prepare its own youth for a life on the battlefield. Further, as Ironscales complete their training, they are for the time being, enlisted in the local militia along with their classmates.

The current head of the Ironscale Clan is an elder female named Kava. She has seen many battles and distinguished herself early in life as a strategist and battlefield commander. She has taken a particular interest in the co-training of dragonborn young with youth of other races, as she has grandchildren of her own undergoing the experience.

The Ironscale Clan

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