The Town of Wayfare

Wayfare is a town of around 1,000 people. The majority of inhabitants are human, but dwarves and halflings make up a significant portion as well. There are also a few tiefling households. The town sits on the high (northern) bank the Gray River, a broad, deep waterway that flows southeast. The banks of the Gray remain more or less a mile wide. The closest city of any measure is Three Forks, 10 leagues or so upriver.

The town was founded when the region came under control of the Nerath Empire. The original human inhabitants of the area were a tribal people, loosely organized by clan and family structure. As the town stabilized, many came to live within its walls and began incorporating elements of Imperial culture into their own. Their descendants form the human populous of Wayfare today. Those who maintained their traditional ways lived in the foothills east of town, particularly on Salt Ridge.

Wayfare’s economy is based on agriculture and trade along the river. Crops are grown in the valley as well as in the floodplain on the other side of the Gray. The farmers are entirely from among the human population. Dwarves, tieflings, and the remaining humans are mainly merchants, involved in one way or another with the commerce of Wayfare’s docs. Crops, salt, and pelts procured from the elves and humans living in the surrounding hills are the major commodities. Many dwarves belong to the Rock-Salt Clan of nearby Halite Hold and are involved in the salt trade. As river-going folk, halflings are present in large numbers as well.

The town is ruled by a governing council of five aldermen/alderwomen, who then appoint a mayor to over see civic affairs, a constable to maintain safety and peace, and a magistrate to rule on judicial matters. Positions on the council are elected through one vote of each household per district.

Wayfare has but one temple. Pelor is the principle deity of the temple, with Melora and Avandra also having major shrines. There are smaller shrines to all the other non-evil deities as well.

North of town is a valley that quickly gives way to the forested hills know as the Hickorywood. A smaller river, the Clearwater, runs down from the hills and to the east of Wayfare, ultimately ending in the Gray. The Clearwater is the primary source of drinking water for the town, as the water of the Gray is not potable, and known to cause illness in any creatures other than beasts who drink regularly from it. An aqueduct brings fresh water from the Clearwater to town.

Recently, a mysterious Black Army has driven the Hickorywood elves from ttheir territory in the hills. The elves have set up an encampment in the valley a few miles north of Wayfare. Fearing that this is just the beginning of a larger threat, the people of Wayfare, along with the elves and the Rock-Salt dwarves have pooled their resources and retained the services of the Ironscale Clan of dragonborn. The Ironscales are tasked with two duties: (1) protect the town in the event of an assault; and (2) train up an effective local militia.

The Town of Wayfare

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