Marshal Gerard

Constable and Commander of the Militia


Gerard is a middle-aged human with deep brown eyes, almost black, and only a wisp of hair remaining on his head. Rather than the basic Wayfafer’s Tabard, he wears a green surcoat upon which the white heron standard is depicted coat-of-arms style on a shield. He caries at all times a Ironscale Long Knife and a stout cudgel. In battle, he wears scale armor beneath his surcoat and takes up a longsword, though his cudgel remains in his other hand.


Though born and raised in Wayfare, Gerard spent his early adult years on the road as an adventurer and soldier. He later returned home to settle down and took the position of town constable, a role his family has served in for three generations. His ancestors are mostly of the old line, and he has many relatives not only in town, but on Salt Ridge as well.

Despite his experience as a soldier, he does not revel in his role as head of the militia, nor the accompanying title of “Marshal”. He makes a point of keeping the cudgel he has long carried as town constable as a visible part of his ensemble to remind all that he retains that duty as well. Although he sees the militia as a temporary necessity, Heis committed to his duties as commander and holds the respect of the town’s allies, the Ironscales, and his burgeoning force of militia soldiers.

Marshal Gerard

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