River Pirate, Smuggler, and Warlock


Nikko is a human woman with fiery red hair. She has a rakish personality and is brazen and sarcastic in her dealings with others. She dresses in leather armor, dyed indigo in color, and keeps a magical wand tucked into her belt. In battle, she summons forth an ebony hexblade that appears to have twinkling lights within, resembling the nighttime sky.


Little is known about Nikko’s past, although most in the seedy underside of the region find her intimidating and fear getting on her bad side. She was hired by the necromancer, Jerron, to transport prisoners up and down the river, which brought her into conflict with soldiers of the Wayfare militia. Captured and marked for punishment, she bargained to transport them around the area to complete their mission in exchange for possible clemency. Whether she will be a long-term ally or a fair weather friend remains to be seen.


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